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Built in Portland, OR

The Portland Loo is fabricated in Portland, Oregon by Madden Fabrication. The Portland Loos are simple, sturdy, flush toilet kiosks located on sidewalks in public areas. The Loos are free and accessible around the clock every day of the year. Portland Loos give the community environmentally-friendly, clean, and safe restroom facilities. The Loo comes fully tested and assembled from the factory.


Built in Portland, OR


The unit is composed of a minimum of materials. Utilizing stainless steel structure means that the Portland Loo weighs a fraction of a typical restroom and can be delivered on site as a complete enclosure. The restroom can be quickly removed during flood conditions or easily repaired onsite with its modular design. With a cleaning hose and janitorial supplies stored in the mechanical closet and protected with a anti-graffiti clear coat the restroom is easy to maintain. The Loo’s in Portland are available 24/7, taking the strain off local business and creating a welcoming environment for families.

Built in Portland, OR


Louvers at the top and bottom of the wall create an interior environment that offers complete visual privacy, while remaining as connected with the outside as possible. The lower louvers are angled to provide law enforcement the opportunity to observe the number of users within the unit without compromising privacy. The unit’s hand-washing station is mounted on the exterior to promote shorter use times and to serve the general pedestrian population. At night a gentle light washes the exterior until occupied, at which time the interior lights activate and the exterior lights dim, announcing that it is in use.

Built in Portland, OR


The entire unit can be off-grid and lit entirely by solar-powered LED fixtures. Or the unit can be pre-wired for 115 volt AC power or powered by a hybrid system of solar and AC. The Loo is functional year round with all exposed plumbing and toilet bowl wrapped in heated wire for freeze protection. The restroom uses minimal utilities, requiring 1.28 gallons per flush and a max 60 watt load. Fitted with an occupancy counter the restrooms in Portland often average 250 flushes per day, equivalent to most airport restrooms.




• Heavy gauge stainless steel construction with powder coating and graffiti-resistant finish
• Louvered panels allow for community surveillance
• Hand sanitizer dispenser inside and wash station located on outside of unit
• Recessed interior and exterior LED lights
• Entry, railings and fixtures are ADA-compliant


• Fits in an average parking space, 10’ 7” long x 6’ wide x 8’ 6” tall
• Total weight approximately 6,000 pounds
• Wall panels, doors and roof are ¼ inch thick, 304L-grade stainless steel
• Louvered panels at top and bottom
• Energy efficient motion-sensor LED lighting
• Heat trace system for freeze protection
• Skylight for additional interior lighting
• Commercial grade stainless steel toilet fixture
• Heavy-duty fittings and door hardware


• Rear utility cabinet houses electrical and plumbing controls
• Maintenance hose bib for cleaning


• Choose right or left door swing and outside hand wash station located on right or left side of unit for no extra charge.

Additional cost custom options include:

• Materials upgrade to 316L-grade stainless steel for added saline and weather resistance
• Optional hardwired 110-volt AC electrical system
• Outside frame mounts for art or advertising
• Additional custom features to your specifications


Standard power supply: 24-volt DC solar powered system

» Three 190-watt solar panels for 570-watt total output
» 60-amp solar charger with smart charge controls and data jogging
» Two deep-cycle batteries provide 4 days operation when fully charged

Optional power supply: 110-volt AC hardwired system

» This option available at additional cost
» AC operation advised for installations in deep shade or under leafy canopy

• Total power draw less than 60 watts at full operation
• Interior and exterior automatic LED lighting with photo-eye and motion sensor
• 30-watt heat trace integrated with toilet and plumbing system for freeze protection
• Control circuits housed in NEMA-approved enclosure


• Manufactured and factory assembled by Madden Fabrication
• Ready to ship and offered F.O.B at manufacturer’s warehouse in Portland, Oregon
• One year warranty on structural components, given normal use and care
• Warranties of over one year for additional components are passed to purchaser


• Foundation layout provided with footing design, dimensions and specifications for installation
• Factory-provided metal template for anchor bolt layout, base plate column mounts, and alignment with sanitary connections


• Portland Loo pricing is available upon request. A discount may be available for orders of three or more Loos.The price does not include costs or fees for shipping, installation, permitting, or other fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much water does the Loo use per flush?
1.28 gallons per flush

How much does the Loo weight
6,013 lbs

What is the Loo made of?
All the panels, louvers, and roof are made of 304 stainless steel. All structural tubing, anchor bolts and vandal resistant bolts and screws are made of A307.

Is the Loo storm rated?
The Loo is rated for 140 mph gusts up to 3 seconds in length.

Is installation included with the restroom?
No, the buyer is responsible for installation. Depending on the site, the foundation can be adjusted to incorporate a drain and accommodate any steep grade.

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